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2017 winter update

Re: project assignments. Clients can contact me by email (or telephone) as required. I probably won't check my art services emails very often unless you're a former past client, in which case I am always open. Use my personal (gmail account) for that or telephone usual number.

Company business enquiries can use the - We also have [LinPhone] access and [Skype] for your project discussions, when meetings are inconvenient. I will respond as best I can (same day usually).

So if you do need me - be advised that this website is winding down. But I will keep Art Services for smaller business projects which you may need at some point. I am busy doing other things in life and have less time for major projects. Happily most company projects can be done same day, others not.

(Semi retired)

Philip Searle

Art Services (based in SW London) serving West London and South West London areas only.
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