WiggleSet Generator - Version 0.5.0 - (requires Flash)

3D Photo Wiggle generator: Step One:

First, you need two matched STEREO images to 'cut-and-paste' a URL location - i.e. Any web browser (url) is always at top of the Browser window.
**** Copy that picture image location into box one or two, (as indicated below).****
Any online photo gallery (i.e. FLIKR) will work the same way, hopefully!. Stereo photographs ONLY will work as ("WIGGLE") photos!.

Use our 'ONLINE' example photos to WIGGLE imaging.- ('right-click' and open in a new window TAB! to start:):
See Stereo examples) To IMPORT the images when asked click here for: IMAGES TO USE If using your own (jpeg) online photographs..keep the naming simple i.e photo-left.jpg, photo-right.jpg etc.

Hint 1: It really does not matter which image is 'left' or 'right' (you can swop them).
Hint 2: Both images should be the same size! Not 'stretched', or rotated to fit!
Hint 3: Both images should have a clear 'focus-point' for best imaging result

Input your left image filename here: 
Input your right image filename here: 

Step Two:

The flash applet below will help you choose the focus points for your WiggleSet. Once you drag the crosshairs to the near focus points, click on the status bar to set the far focus points. The arrow keys will nudge the selected image one pixel. Tab will switch between left and right. Zoom in and out for pixel-accuracy.

(aligner applet new in 0.5)

Near left: ( )

Step Three:

You should be able to see your Wiggle applet previewed below at this point. The following optional fields are for personalization.

Photograph Title 
Photographer Name 
Photographer Web Address 
Wiggle Applet & Title Align 
Include a border around the Wiggle applet 
Include a small text link to the Wiggle project page 
(Powered by Wiggle)
New in 0.3.0... "Fade style" (the default) fades from one image to the other, while "Flip style" blinks between them.


The Wiggle applet will look like this in your page.

Step Four:

Once you have the preview looking how you want it, copy the following html into the webpage for the Wiggle applet.

Please keep the <!-- comments --> if you don't mind giving Wiggle credit in your page's source.
Make sure that the following files are in the same directory:
[1] the page that includes the above html
[2] wiggle.swf

(these are the only files that you need)

IMPORTANT. This is experimental so it will only work from photos that are already taken as STEREO pictures see examples (below) i.e. You need two images taken a few inches apart to see the effect and you don't need 3D specs or glasses to see the 'wiggle' which creatses the 3D effect you see. Stereo Photo Gallery (Examples)

Play Again (Clear Form)