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Actual UK Sales and Marketing STATS *

- The Times 2018 business supplement; 'RACONTEUR'

61% of all B2B (business-to-business) transactions start online... (i.e. website)
53% of all impulse purchases are via POS (i.e. in-store sign or display graphics)
50% of all business are via Direct Mail leads (i.e. Sales targeted Literature)
31% of all business contacts are via Exhibition stand (i.e. Trade Shows & display)

*Sales Performance | www.raconteur.net | 26/07/2018

Typical examples are: Signage, Point Of Sale (display), Marketing Literature, Exhibition panels, Store displays, Product packaging, are just a few items we have done for clients. Projects to products. Service to Services, your business image and target market. You ask, we listen.

*Buyers prefer to be contacted by top 5 methods (Actual/Preferred)

1. Email: 78-80%
2. Phone:
3. Direct Mail:
4. Presentation/Speech:
5. Exhibit:
* it's what we do!

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Art Services design works for UK's Services, Trade and Industrial companies. We are based in SW London and service a wide area of clients (with private corporate projects), both large and small. Design engineered custom made artworks for your project with a wide experience of printable options and proven solutions.

Request a free brochure! see project examples. in: retail, commercial, corporate, publishing, exhibition, packaging, books and technical print publications. Bespoke artworks. Design solutions.

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